Alpha Cambridge International School is the first international school in the city of Trichy. At Alpha, we believe in the premise that life is education and education is life. We design our lessons keeping in mind the nature of the child which is to be active, imaginative and curious.

We are proud to be one of the rare schools that have archived macro and micro lesson plans from widely researched eclectic materials, supported by technology, and using diverse teaching methods that are layered and scaled to flow seamlessly across grades. Therefore, at Alpha, fluctuations like textbook variations or teacher turnover does not affect the child's core learning adversely. Carefully planned lessons integrate academic subjects with foreign languages, sports, fine arts, performing arts and technology creating holistic and fun filled learning. We begin training young minds to question, hypothesize, enquire, experiment and discuss to find answers.

Assessments are continuous and comprehensive and of a very high standard. Every week, in rotation, students of all grades are tested and the results analyzed for further action for modifying content, methods or activities and are offered additional support.


ACME – Higher order Maths programme

AXIS – Innovative Enquiry based Science Learning Programme

ACES – International Level English Learning Programme

I Genius – World renowned Maths Pentathlon

Integrated coaching for JEE and AIEEE for Grades 11 and 12