The primary programme is followed by the middle years ( Grades 6 to 8 ) based on the Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme. This is a flexible programme that builds on and seamlessly connects with the Cambridge Primary Programme through careful progression tests monitoring progress from Cambridge Primary to Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme. It further enhances the knowledge and skills acquired by the learner in English, Mathematics and Science during the primary years.

While the primary years establish a solid platform of enquiry and create a thirst for knowledge, the middle years shift the emphasis of enquiry. During these 3 years, understanding the prescribed academic concepts is of prime importance. Students continue to question and learn through active experience but in the middle years, great focus and attention is paid to the facts and principles underlying each subject. Extensive participation in co-curricular activities is mandatory while special age appropriate programmes also form part of the educational milieu.

The Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme provides an excellent preparation for the next stage of education – the IGCSE. Apart from English, Math & Science, the middle years also includes ICT, The Arts, Humanities & one more Language. The Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme provides opportunities for research, self-exploration & peer-feedback.