Alpha's Sport and Physical Education program focuses on developing the individual and the team. Emphasis is on development of physical skills, nurturing social and emotional skills. The sporting program is rich and diverse and includes sports such as Cricket, Basketball and Football.


Our programme is developed to engage learners at every level, from pre-primary to secondary school, from warli painting to bonsai and from the school campus to the global stage. The programme encompasses theory, experiential learning, discovery, personal expression and most importantly, the opportunity to be courageous and original.

Chinese Painting: It is the ancient technique of Chinese ink painting. The Chinese and Japanese art of writing with ink is known as Calligraphy.

Cross hatching Technique: It is an artistic technique to create tonal or shading effect by drawing closely spaced paralled lines. Cross hatching is the drawing of two layers of hatching at right angles to create a mesh-like pattern.

White Chalk Shading: It helps to draw free line drawings and patters easily. It also improves the creative thinking of kids and helps them to produce their creativity through various picture of one’s own interest.

Poster Colour Drawings: These drawings are drawn with rough pictures of pencil. Poster colours are applied with the help of cotton impressions. It is done so to bring a majestic look in the drawings. Brushes are used a little to give outlines for the drawings.

Dry Brush Technique: Dry brush is a technique in which a small amount of paint is used in brush with no water. Strokes with such a brush give a scratchy look that lack the smooth appearance that blended paint commonly gives.


Equipped with a wide assortment of musical instruments, the music and dance learning facility provides an encouraging ambience to students. In short, a truly ‘note’ worthy place.

The School teaches classical dance, specially ‘Bharathanatyam’ the typical southern Indian classical dance style.

Students learn:-

  • Dyana Slogam

  • Samam, Arai Mandalam, Muzhu Mandalam, Namaskaram

  • Asamyutha Hastas

  • Thattadavu

  • Naattadavu

  • Gudhithu Mettadavu

  • Paraval Adavu

  • Gudhithu Mettadavu

  • Karthari Adavu

  • Sarukkal Adavu

  • Paaichal Adavu

The music curriculum comprises three strands:

  • Listening and responding
  • Performing
  • Composing

Vocal music & Instrumental music

Theory: Basic Knowledge fundamentals of music, musical instruments, Sound, Origin of Sound. Identifying tones, music staff reading and notes. Intervals between keys and tones.

Practice : Practice of major and minor scale songs , lyric reading , practising with karaoke videos. Rhythm and Basic knowledge of beats for instance 4, 3 and 2 beats.

Vocal music : Western Music, Pitches and Rhythm. Voice modulation.

Instrumental music : Guitar and keyboard


The health benefits of yoga are well-known to all. Your child will be introduced to meditation, the art of breathing and the asanas that stretch every part of the human body.