08 Sep

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A workshop was conducted for all the higher secondary classes to demonstrate the process of seperation of DNA from blood.  

 The workshop was completely related to bio technology and its applications. There were nearly four types of DNA isolation done by the expert from Escherichia biotechnology Delhi.

They are as follows

1. Plant DNA isolation

2. Blood DNA isolation

3. Electrophoresis

4. DNA finger printing

The students from grade 8 to 11 participated in this workshop with zeal and enthusiasm .The second day was for grade 6 and 7 students. The main objective of conducting this workshop in our campus is to develop interest in each student about science and technology. The workshop was completely practical based and every student who participated in this workshop had  a chance to apply it practically.. Over all it was a good experience for our students and  teachers.

As a result of this workshop our grade 8 students have come up with their own project related to DNA isolation and the same is going to be exhibited in the upcoming science exhibition.


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